It’s the Disney Storybooks event, and we’ve got full coverage of all missions in book 4: Mulan! Every mission, what techniques to use, what Tsum can help, and how the event works.

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  1. Thank You, Thank You!! I had tried every single “lover” TsumTsum, over & over again, with not even close to enough combos! *Finally*, using your suggestion, got over 100 with the bonus! Yay! Now for the Gold Book…

  2. “Our princess is in another video” haha that was good Robbett!

  3. 4 video in a week. Has the world gone mad


  5. Robbett is Nemo a good tsum tsum One to make good scores if I’m starting in the Game?

  6. howd you get so many hearts??

  7. When is Mulan going to release

  8. Can we be friend flicker in yo kai watch Wib Wob?

  9. Wait…

    You’ve never used the basic Pooh?

  10. 5th Like!!!!!!

  11. SCHTAKA 1 2 3 4!!! *awesome drum solo*

  12. Hey Robbet , how do you buy stuff in the Japanese App Store for puni puni?